Whether the parts are new, used or refurbished, SPIN can supply & fit any part you need for your wheels.


  • Bearings & Seals
    I always have stocks of these. If I don't have your particular size on the shelf I can source them on next day delivery fom my suppliers. Of course I also offer a proper fitting service using the correct fitting tools.
  • Hubs
    I can supply individual new hubs from Talon, SM Pro or Hollis. I also work with MX Breakers to help source sound used parts at very competitive prices. Any used hubs I supply will be thoroughly inspected & I can also have them anodised to match your existing parts.
  • Spokes
    As a result of doing this for a number of years, I naturally have accumulated a large stock of new & used spokes & nipples. I am in a good position to supply & fit individual spokes to replace broken items, or I can supply & fit a complete new spoke set.
    NOTE - Coloured nipples have become fashionable lately. SPIN can offer a full range of these too.
  • Rims
    I can supply new SM Pro, SM Pro Platinum & the full range of EXCEL rims, in all available colours. I also tend to have a number of used rims in stock at any given time. Used rims can be re-anodised in any colour you need. From used rims up to the most expensive new rims, no-one else is in a better position to meet your budget.
  • Tyres / Discs / Sprockets
    As with all of the above, I do sometimes have used items available. Lightly scrubbed tyres are always in demand! I can however, also supply new items & often include these as part of a repair or refurbishment job. It is more convenient when a customer receives his wheels back with new tyres fitted - the last thing anyone wants to do is fit their own tyres to a new/refurbished set of wheels and put a big tyre lever mark in their new rim....