Shiny, coloured wheels make your bike look cool, fact.


You know you want them, but there is a problem - New wheels are VERY expensive.....


SPIN can offer a very reasonable alternative. A refurbishment service for your existing wheels that give you that visual impact, but doesn't 'bottom out' the bank balance.



A normal refurbishment job entails a complete strip of the existing wheels. All the parts are thoroughly inspected and provided they are in good serviceable condition, they can be refurbished & re-used. At SPIN, I offer high quality anodising for hubs, rims & even nipples. Spokes are cleaned & polished before the wheels are completely rebuilt.


All refurbishment jobs are different depending on extent of anodising & whether or not any new parts are needed. However all SPIN refurbishments have 2 things in common;


  1. Wheels are returned as close to 'as new' condition as possible.
  2. Refurbishments will always be less than 50% the price of purchasing new wheels.


Please have a look at some refurbished examples below. If you want to discuss your options or have a quote, please don't hesitate to contact me.

CRF Talons - Anodise Hubs, Refurbish Spokes, Fit Customer's Own Rims, Supply Discs & Sprocket

OEM YZ250 - Anodise Rims, Clean Up Hubs & Refurbish Spokes

OEM RMZ450 - Anodise Rims & Hubs Black & Refurbish Spokes

Kite KTM (As Used By Factory KTM Team) - Replace Front Spokes & Refurbish Rims

OEM YZ125 - Anodise Rims Black, Anodise Hubs Bronze & Refurbish Spokes

CRF Carbon Talons (Ex-Brad Anderson) - Anodise Rims Black & Refurbish Spokes

OEM YZF - Supply New Excel Rims, Refurbish Spokes & Anodise Hubs Bronze

OEM YZF250 - Anodise Hubs & Nipples Black, Refurbish Spokes & Supply New Excel Rims

KTM SuperMoto - Anodise OEM Hubs & Refurbish Spokes