If your wheels are repairable, SpinDoctor can repair them. Here is a list of common repair jobs I have done;

    I have a hydraulic press which is good for straightening flatspots or dents in rims. This is certainly the cheapest way of fixing a bashed rim BUT is only appropriate if the damage is not too severe. If the dent is too severe, or if there is a crack, there is no option but to replace the rim. Here SPIN can offer the option of refurbished rims or I can supply new items depending on budget.
    Anyone can be unlucky enough to break a spoke or two, even if the wheel is brand new. In these cases SPIN is happy to replace & fit individual spokes without the owner having to splash out for an expensive, complete spoke set.
    Depending on the extent of damage, SPIN may be able to to repair broken hubs. I use a sub-contract alloy welding company who already supply to the motor-racing industry. Their work is excellent quality and often provides an attractive alternative to purchasing a new hub.
    SPIN can extract broken bearings. I have also seen in some instances a broken bearing can cause damage to the housing or internal spacers. Again SPIN can repair this damage using alloy welding and CNC turning.